“Oh wishing I could, wishing I could have, wishing I would, cut it loose and let it go.”

-Chris Pureka

167716_480032967665_461764_nI shot this picture of one of my favorite places where I  go to  visit and sit and to think.  Because I always need to think.


The newest addition sitting on top of my car, just about ready to go. The trails are too wet still so I am taking her out for a little hilly road ride.

After taking some time and looking at the 29ers I am glad I waited for the 27.5 to come out. I think the 29er would have been fun, and with that wheel size it would have been great for rolling over all sorts of things on the trail, but navigating tight turns would have been an issue. I had the guys at the bike shop take off a little width on the handlebars – I know I am inclined to get to close to the trees when mountain biking, only to have them rip the handlebars out of my hands. The original handlebars seemed a little to wide for my taste.