Remembering Orlando,  Mayor’s gathering at the Big Four Bridge on Sunday June 12th 2016.

Remembering Orlando


We planted some flowers in a barrel planter and I could not resist getting a few photos of them before the rains came this past Saturday.




Took the road bike out this afternoon to the park where I could do hill repeats virtually uninterrupted by cars and people. It is not the most fun a person could have, doing hill repeats, but it works. I start off at the bottom and try to sprint as far up as I can. Usually until my legs begin the burning feeling which signals a possible leg cramp.

I have been plagued on group bike rides, by leg cramps these past few years. On one 50 mile ride the cramps were so bad I could not straighten my leg out to stretch the cramp out.  I had to look for a grassy area and then fall over.  Once on the ground I would stretch my leg out and get back on the bike until the next round of leg cramps set in. Granted I could have flagged down the sag vehicle (it was an organized ride) and then gotten a ride back to my car, but if I had done that then I would not be me. Stubborn. Determined. And other adjectives which apply. So these hill repeats are meant to get me back to the shape I used to be in. Or at least make me think twice about eating those ranch hot Doritos before I go for a bike ride.


My sister asked me if our Dad was haunting me now since I am alone in the house these days. My response had been that he haunted me enough when he was alive. To understand my comment one would have to understand my sense of humor. She didn’t and most won’t. At any rate I now think he is haunting me with these damn window locks. Or it could just be my way of well, it sounded like a good idea at the time,  mentality.

These damn locks are falling apart at a rate that rivals anything I can think of. And then I had the bright idea to use super glue to try and hold one together. Surely I only dropped a dab on the locking part, and the lever mechanism was spared. Right. And in an attempt to separate the two from each other with a hammer –  I now have a bit of a swollen finger. But fear not. If you hit your finger hard enough with a hammer it goes numb quickly.

Soon I will be making a trip to Home Depot for a multitude of replacement locks. And somewhere in some alternate reality my Dad is sitting with a grin on his face saying yep,  I tried the same thing once.


This is what I look forward to on my after work bike rides. A 13 mile ride today, and this was the halfway point. It is a cell phone picture, but not too bad.

Managed to get out and try some trails at a place I had heard good things about, but which I had not yet been able to experience for myself. They also have mountain bike trails out there – I will need to be checking those out as well.

I know this about myself, but I guess I sort of forget it as well. If there is a creek, or a stream, I am going in. Sometimes it is purposeful, sometimes it is falling in. But I am always going to wade in to test the waters.


I shot this picture while standing in the water – it was about 2 feet deep here and cold too. Of course I did not think to bring any dry socks with me…


I tried to let my shoes and socks dry out some but I still managed to have to hike out with squishy foot sounds. It was worth it.


On the hike, I had to stalk this bee to try and get a picture. I could not get any closer because the bee kept moving farther into the field of flowers.



The above picture is one of my favorite pictures I took during the hike.


I was amazed at the amount of frogs running across the trail. I did not see any snakes though. Maybe next time.

IMG_9515rrAnd this was the view from the trail heading back out. A perfect day it was.

132797_468604837665_6095992_oI remember this picture. I was waiting to shoot some shots of a band,  and given time to spare  I looked around and saw this young guy. He looked like he had been outside working hard all day (it was summer) and all he wanted was to grab something to eat and call it done. Of course I turned the camera on him and snapped this shot.

“Oh wishing I could, wishing I could have, wishing I would, cut it loose and let it go.”

-Chris Pureka

167716_480032967665_461764_nI shot this picture of one of my favorite places where I  go to  visit and sit and to think.  Because I always need to think.