october me

I have had a lot of time to think these past two weeks.

I also need to have my eyes examined – and when, not if I need glasses, I think I would like a frame such as these, which are my reading glasses.

Lazy Sunday

I shot this picture of Melissa Ferrick back in 2011. She always puts on such a great show.


“Yeah it’s one of those days off
When nothing could go wrong
It’s me and my heart
Just watching the world spin along
We’re watching the world spin along”


Drunken Poet’s Dream

I believe this is the 1st picture I took of Hayes Carll. It was  before a performance at a local place here in town. Probably one of my favorites.

“I got a woman she’s wild as Rome
She likes to lay naked and be gazed upon
She crosses a bridge and then sets it on fire
Lands like a bird on a telephone wire
Wine bottles scattered like last nights clothes
Cigarettes, papers, and dominoes
She laughs for a minute about the shape I’m in
Says, “You be the sinner honey, I’ll be the sin.
I’m gonna holler and I’m gonna scream
I’m gonna get me some mescaline
She brings me roses and a place to lean
A drunken poet’s dream”

~Hayes Carll

IMG_6169 copy7

Saturday musings

You never really know how many
pictures you have saved on your phone
until it is a rainy Saturday morning and you
are sitting in front of a space heater
reading poetry
while all those pictures
place holders really
transfer from your old phone
to the new phone

I went out last Saturday night to listen and watch some friends  (musicians) perform.  I quickly found someone who used to own a live music venue here in town. Her first question or statement to me was, “no camera?”

I am not really back to the feeling or the need to shoot pictures every time I go out to listen to live music.  But that being said, the pictures I have always loved taking the most are the ones where someone is being their-self. They are not posing for the camera – they are instead caught in the moment. This one I caught of Sarah McLaughlin at Lilith fair in Indy a few years back shows exactly what I am talking about.

That moment. Nothing staged.  It is just a moment caught in time.