Managed to get out and try some trails at a place I had heard good things about, but which I had not yet been able to experience for myself. They also have mountain bike trails out there – I will need to be checking those out as well.

I know this about myself, but I guess I sort of forget it as well. If there is a creek, or a stream, I am going in. Sometimes it is purposeful, sometimes it is falling in. But I am always going to wade in to test the waters.


I shot this picture while standing in the water – it was about 2 feet deep here and cold too. Of course I did not think to bring any dry socks with me…


I tried to let my shoes and socks dry out some but I still managed to have to hike out with squishy foot sounds. It was worth it.


On the hike, I had to stalk this bee to try and get a picture. I could not get any closer because the bee kept moving farther into the field of flowers.



The above picture is one of my favorite pictures I took during the hike.


I was amazed at the amount of frogs running across the trail. I did not see any snakes though. Maybe next time.

IMG_9515rrAnd this was the view from the trail heading back out. A perfect day it was.

I was trying to locate a particular photo –  but all I could find was the small condensed version. I know the original picture is someplace… but here is the small one anyway.


This photo was taken about 7 years ago? This was taken at a friends annual Halloween party. I always really wanted to wear a tux, and what better time than when everyone is dressing up as someone else?  At any rate what I recall the most was how comfortable I felt. As though I had finally stepped into the skin I was always supposed to be wearing. It was so… relaxing dressed as I was.

And in other news, if it ever dries up for any length of time I am looking forward to getting the new Mountain Bike out on the trail


I am going to be putting on some new pedals – the ones on her currently will not work for trail riding.  I will however not be using clipless pedals. The name sounds off when you consider that clipless means your feet are clipped in. I can ride clipless on the road, but on the trail I need to be able to vacate the bike when the moment arises. I have had wrecks where I have went head over heals down a hillside, finally stopping myself by reaching out and grabbing a piece of a fallen tree. I do not think that it would have gone as well if my feet had still been attached to the bike…

I do not often have a Saturday/Saturday night all to myself. I have huge plans to read more of this book:


One might think a book about the history of the Gene would be dry and textbook like. But this one reads like a story – and the author has done a fantastic job at presenting the history in a way that makes it, quite enjoyable. I like to read just abut anything – I can go from reading something just for fun, to reading something because I have questions, and I do always have questions.

And on that note I am off to wonder the web, and other things.







The newest addition sitting on top of my car, just about ready to go. The trails are too wet still so I am taking her out for a little hilly road ride.

After taking some time and looking at the 29ers I am glad I waited for the 27.5 to come out. I think the 29er would have been fun, and with that wheel size it would have been great for rolling over all sorts of things on the trail, but navigating tight turns would have been an issue. I had the guys at the bike shop take off a little width on the handlebars – I know I am inclined to get to close to the trees when mountain biking, only to have them rip the handlebars out of my hands. The original handlebars seemed a little to wide for my taste.