“Oh wishing I could, wishing I could have, wishing I would, cut it loose and let it go.”

-Chris Pureka

167716_480032967665_461764_nI shot this picture of one of my favorite places where I  go to  visit and sit and to think.  Because I always need to think.

A photo I shot with some lyrics from a Chris Pureka song…

IMG_8107 copy-X3

“Cabin fever, Sunday blues
Lying on the kitchen floor.
Wishing you might come around and lift me up
‘Cause I’m all out of good ideas

And I’ve been wondering if I could have kept you in a jar,
Kept the lid on for good
‘Cause I know we can’t go back,
Can’t keep time from running
And I’m all out of good ideas,
But you know that, honey.”

-Chris Pureka


I needed some alone time, and that coupled with the fact that I have been wanting to see a Chris Pureka performance again is what led me to drive the up and up and twisty 5.5 hours to Asheville North Carolina this past Friday. Her performance at the Grey Eagle was amazing. And the Grey Eagle is now my top favorite place as a live music venue. What a great time surrounded by so many stellar music loving people.