When is it too much.

When is having a goal to earn more money, and then more money, so that you can keep purchasing more things (which require you to earn more money) too much?

I was listening to a co-worker as he was sharing his thoughts on staying or leaving our work environment if he is given the choice to go work elsewhere, and his primary motivator wasn’t whether the move would be beneficial to his well being. It wasn’t whether the move would fit his future self or any goals he may have set for himself. His primary motivator was, would he make more money at the other place?

He listed how many televisions he had in his house and how the 52 inch just doesn’t seem big enough any more. He spoke about the gaming consoles his children had in their play area in the basement. And how he had to figure out how many lights he would have in his new house before he moved in, all the while stealing glances at his apple watch. Then he talked about having to see a spinal doctor for his back pain, how he was diagnosed with diverticulitis as well.

This man works at least 2 jobs as does his wife. And yet he wants more money to buy more things which require him to make more money to buy more things.

When is it too much?

This is the question we should all be asking ourselves. Don’t wait until your health suffers to decide it might be time to put a stop to the train heading full speed for the cliff. Things are just things. They will not make us happy. And striving for more things will not make us happy.

Remember, it’s the journey not the destination.

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