This post is not really a follow up on the previous post, rather I was thinking about something and I wanted to throw it out there to see what others might think.

I bet many of you are familiar with this quote, “What would you do if you knew you would not fail?”

I recall reading that quote for the first time many years ago. After reading it and mulling it over in my mind, I found I could not answer that question. Heck, I could not even plan an answer or guesstimate or any other amates one can think of.

It felt like such a big question. One that carried so much weight to it. I felt as though I were failing just by not having the answer to the question. Talk about not even getting out of the starting gate on that one.

Dear reader, when you read that quote, does it spark enthusiasm and drive towards a new goal, or idea? Or are you like me, finding yourself tripping over the letters before you even make sense of the question?

Or have any of you used that question to propel yourself forward into fresh adventures throughout your life? Please share if you have.

Perhaps there are some of us who find they are blocked before we even plan an action, and there are others who take the leap of faith and run with it.

This dear readers will require further exploration, don’t you think?

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