I have been taking a class for the past 9 weeks now, and at the start of each class we all begin by speaking about our blockers or what has been blocking us as we learn.

It’s weird because I had never before been asked what my blockers were.

Dear readers have you ever thought, what is blocking you?

And by blocking it can be something simple as:

What is blocking your path?

Or it could be, what is blocking you from achieving your goals?

Or what is blocking your happiness?

This is a topic we will revisit often and one we will (the we being all of us on this journey together) lay out some plans to deconstruct our blockers. I believe we can do just that. Deconstruct and then use the tools we have (or the tools we will begin acquiring in this process) to build a path through any blockers which might pop up on our journey.

And to do just that, we need to record our thoughts. This can be done using your computer or recording your thoughts in any manner that moves you. Just get them out into the open. Let them see the light of day. Because until you see these blockers for what they are, you cannot create a path through them.

Remember dear readers, it’s a journey not a destination.

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