I keep thinking I should write something. However, thinking and writing are categorized separately within my brain. I think a lot. I mean a whole lot as in I am always turning ideas over in my mind. It never stops. And for some who have been a part of my life, this fact has not been welcomed. At any rate.

I was thinking about the time I was taking my Dad to a doctor’s appointment. It was probably February since it was actually cold enough to have iced the wheelchair ramp. Of course, I did not know that the ramp was iced over until I was wheeling the Old man down the ramp. The ramp is a metal contraption with the base being mesh metal. I never thought ice would develop on the mesh. I was behind his wheelchair coming to the realization that my feet were sliding with the weight of his body and the wheelchair pulling us along. And all I could do was laugh. Because that is what I do. When faced with a situation that I find unbelievable, I laugh. It doesn’t matter if I am trying to stand up in a dry stream bed with my bike atop me after falling off a small wooden bridge while mountain biking or trying to get my Dad to his doctor’s appointment. When things look like they are going wrong, I laugh.

The sound of my laughter must have alerted the old man because he tightened his grip on the arms of the wheelchair and asked if everything was okay. I assured him everything was fine. Because that is what I do. I assure all those around me, no matter what, that everything is fine. And we made it to the vehicle none the worse for wear. And he never knew that we slid down the wheelchair ramp that day. It was controlled sliding and it is still funny.

And everything was fine.

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