I have been on the lookout for a place locally that had Fish Tacos and thankfully we found one. Within a 5 minute drive from the house. Its been years since I had my first fish taco in San Diego. That was one really good Fish Taco. It has been hard to find anyplace since then which had anything close. Kinda like trying to find a Shrimp/Oyster Po boy that is half as good as the ones I have had in Galveston. Just isn’t happening.

Now every time we go to this restaurant I never get tired of ordering Fish Tacos. Seriously they are that good. And we can order them and eat them at home. Which is a nice way to go these days.

On the last trip to the restaurant we had our order in and as I waited with money in hand (a $20 and a $5 for the $24.10 bill pay attention this is important) to pay the nice attractive dark haired lady behind the counter, I noticed she was making an odd face. I immediately leaned in and asked her if there was a problem. Yeah. I can be that fast. She replied that she had thought I was going to hand her 2 twenties. Obviously she had input into the cash register that I was giving her $40.00 for a $24.10 bill. I quickly did the math and then went into she is really cute and I must fix this mode, and handed her $40 instead. She told me she was so relieved that she did not have to get a calculator. And wow was she cute when she smiled.

As we made our way to the car with our order my SO said to me, “She is cute but…” And all I could do while I got behind the steering wheel was smile.

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