I am reading, Leonardo The Complete Paintings, by Frank Zollner and Johannes Nathan.

Imagine my surprise when I came across something of which I think we could all relate. In one part of the book, the authors write of how the individuals who had Leonardo and his two (unnamed?) partners paint the Virgin on The Rocks set out a list of things they wanted to be completed in a particular manner. Remember we are talking about Leonardo da Vinci. Yet, at that time in the 15th century, the individuals who are paying Leonardo for the artwork had no problem with setting out a list of items to be fixed or completed in a certain way.

Here are some examples:
“Also, the gown is of gold brocade and crimson lake, in oil.”
“Also, the mountains and rocks to be worked in the oil and differentiated with several colors.”

It is almost impossible for me to imagine telling such an artist, or any artist, how to paint or create anything. But, at the time, he wasn’t recognized as the artist we know of today. Still…

Are you trying to become better at something? Remember, even Leonardo da Vinci had his critics. And he probably still does. But don’t let that stop you from becoming the person you want to be.

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