I found an old Journal entry from 2003 saved on another Blog I had back then. I had written down the epitaphs from a couple of the Headstones I found in that cemetery in South Carolina. This was a really old cemetery with weeping willows bordering it as I recall. I know one of the Grave markers was from 1778. But the things that stuck with me most was what was written in the stone on a couple of the markers:

“Time is and soon shall
Be no more
So teach us to number
Our days that we may
Apply our hearts
Unto wisdom.”

“Her character was so strongly cast;
And her impulses were
So generous that she was
An object of indifference
To no one.
The poor and the afflicted
Were special objects
Of her consideration.
By these her loss is truly felt
And by us who knew her best
Is she most Lamented.”

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