I love these lyrics – I cannot stop hitting repeat when I play the CD.

” So if you worry, don’t worry ’bout me
I always wanted you to see
The California coastline on your own time
And if you worry, don’t worry ’bout me
I always wanted to be free
In the simple way
I found in all of those younger days “

-Mt. Joy

I am working on finding the Joy in my life again. It is getting better now with each passing day – more days are opening up to me – watching hummingbirds or Dragon Flies in the evening remind me of how interesting nature is. That takes the focus off of the what ifs and the how will I ever…

The other day I thought what was I felt back when I felt so damn happy all the time.

I focused on that feeling – and that person I was with at the time – and it made all the difference.

Of course I am not with that person, I am with a different person these days, and one could argue the why I don’t focus on her for that feeling I used to have, and one could pull on a string that is better left untouched unless by cats or kittens but that is a whole other thread in itself.

At any rate I went to bed last night feeling good about things.

I hope we can all strive for that basic feeling.

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