I had all these ideas of things I would get done or at the very least get started or something this weekend. When the other adult is out of the house for the weekend and has taken the soon to be 8 year old (Great Nephew) with her I figured I would run at break neck speed and get soooo much done.

Yesterday was a bust on the getting things done scale. Today started out well enough. I dropped off some books I didn’t wish to keep, at one of those little library house things, then picked up a copy of the Sunday New York times and a new book to read which I did not need, and grabbed myself a seriously hot English Breakfast tea before returning home.

First order of business was to clean out some old clothes from the dresser. And it was working. Until I reached down to the bottom drawer and felt the familiar stabbing lower back pain I have had before. Wow. Such an easy move and again I couldn’t stand up straight. The pain made it quite difficult to carry my laundry down the basement stairs. The pain made it hard to do anything. That innocent move usually would result in my back hurting but not on this scale. Guess it was my lucky day. Of course playing basketball the other day with the almost 8 year old and lifting him off the ground … may have helped the injury a bit.

I will never act my age.

At any rate I decided to take a half of a muscle relaxer ( I think it was a muscle relaxer… it could have been a half a pain pill… ) and then I decided to take the other half… and I laid down on the bed to try and stretch my back out.

I passed out. I am a lightweight when it comes to muscle relaxers.

I awoke when the cat sat on me meowing loudly a few hours later.

And the back issue is not really any better.

Experience from the past reminds me I need to be careful and try to stretch my lower back slowly. I have had times when I have hurt my back much much worse. I mean on a scale of 1 to 10 I am talking an off the charts sort of pain. That was really bad.

So there is my Sunday in a nutshell.

I figured I would try and work on understanding Jupyter Notebooks again … but since I didn’t have time all week to work on the project I am feeling quite lost. I need to write myself notes and leave them around the house so I can keep up. Or is that a sign of getting older?

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