For quite a few years now I have been researching my family tree and developing an avid interest in genealogy. What I find fascinating, or one of the things I find fascinating is how our genetics can move us toward likes and dislikes, and how the world we live in can turn on certain genes within us, or not turn certain traits or desires on within our genetic makeup. For instance a person who may have a genetic makeup which predisposes them to the possibility of becoming an alcoholic would likely never know that if they never took a drink of alcohol.

Well Something like that anyway.

I am fortunate there wasn’t a wall built to keep people out when my ancestors migrated to the United States. I do not understand (nor will I ever understand) why so many want to keep others from leaving a place that is not good for them, and allow them to come to the United States where they can make a new and better life for their-selves and their families. I know my Ancestors left their homes way back in the day in search of something better. It is not my right nor desire to hold someone else back from doing the same.

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