Managed to get out and try some trails at a place I had heard good things about, but which I had not yet been able to experience for myself. They also have mountain bike trails out there – I will need to be checking those out as well.

I know this about myself, but I guess I sort of forget it as well. If there is a creek, or a stream, I am going in. Sometimes it is purposeful, sometimes it is falling in. But I am always going to wade in to test the waters.


I shot this picture while standing in the water – it was about 2 feet deep here and cold too. Of course I did not think to bring any dry socks with me…


I tried to let my shoes and socks dry out some but I still managed to have to hike out with squishy foot sounds. It was worth it.


On the hike, I had to stalk this bee to try and get a picture. I could not get any closer because the bee kept moving farther into the field of flowers.



The above picture is one of my favorite pictures I took during the hike.


I was amazed at the amount of frogs running across the trail. I did not see any snakes though. Maybe next time.

IMG_9515rrAnd this was the view from the trail heading back out. A perfect day it was.

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