I was trying to locate a particular photo –  but all I could find was the small condensed version. I know the original picture is someplace… but here is the small one anyway.


This photo was taken about 7 years ago? This was taken at a friends annual Halloween party. I always really wanted to wear a tux, and what better time than when everyone is dressing up as someone else?  At any rate what I recall the most was how comfortable I felt. As though I had finally stepped into the skin I was always supposed to be wearing. It was so… relaxing dressed as I was.

And in other news, if it ever dries up for any length of time I am looking forward to getting the new Mountain Bike out on the trail


I am going to be putting on some new pedals – the ones on her currently will not work for trail riding.  I will however not be using clipless pedals. The name sounds off when you consider that clipless means your feet are clipped in. I can ride clipless on the road, but on the trail I need to be able to vacate the bike when the moment arises. I have had wrecks where I have went head over heals down a hillside, finally stopping myself by reaching out and grabbing a piece of a fallen tree. I do not think that it would have gone as well if my feet had still been attached to the bike…

I do not often have a Saturday/Saturday night all to myself. I have huge plans to read more of this book:


One might think a book about the history of the Gene would be dry and textbook like. But this one reads like a story – and the author has done a fantastic job at presenting the history in a way that makes it, quite enjoyable. I like to read just abut anything – I can go from reading something just for fun, to reading something because I have questions, and I do always have questions.

And on that note I am off to wonder the web, and other things.






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