It was a good day. Overall anyway. The cat did a Houdini/special needs cat thing which had me worried this morning. Perhaps I will explain that on another day.

And then I hurt my lower back  getting the garbage out of the kitchen trash can. And doing that on a day when I knew we were getting my 4.5 year old Great Nephew – and we were going to be walking a lot at the zoo – well that was not as planned. But I pushed the stroller mainly so as to not appear as some strange bent over person walking along. With the stroller in front of me it looked more appropriate. In my mind anyway.

So right now my lower back feels like it is trying to reduce itself 4 sizes smaller than it is, and I am tired. But the little man had a great time on our adventure at the zoo today which is all that really matters.

And I feel better than I have felt in a long time.

Mentally that is.

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