“There is a flickering light bouncing off the table into your eyes
and I can’t help but want to catch it…” M. Ferrick

The floors are all done. Thank goodness. But you know I never knew that it would be easier to empty the rooms of all the items holding up all the spaces in between, than it is to fit it all back together again. It seems to be a very large jigsaw puzzle and well I lost a few pieces or something because nothing wants to fit and everything wants to push its way into my lap. I am clinging to the idea of tossing it all. Because really … we have to let go of things or ideas or dreams or whatever if we are to ever have new ones  find a place within us. We have a finite amount of space within ourselves or around ourselves. It’s up to us what we choose to fill up that space. Sometimes to make room, we need to rotate things out and bring new things in.

As everything is – this is easier said than done.

It’s getting close to the one year anniversary of my head injury. It is just over a month away now. And that has made me wonder … what was I thinking this time last year? What was it I was planning to do … And isn’t it so easy to have it not matter one iota because life has a way of coming in when you least expect it and tossing things around until it is all skewed and questionable. Really when you think about it, we know nothing about the future and very little about the past. And the present, well it moves along so quickly we can barely grasp it at all.

I guess the trick is to try and enjoy all of it. And try to learn something from some of it. But it can’t be that simple… can it?

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