My time is being stretched from end to end these days as I move between riding or running (which is going great right now as I have managed to increase my speed quite a bit) to a 3 hour bike meeting on Wednesday night, and then there was the nice friendly get together at an establishment I have really come to enjoy visiting, that was on Monday evening, where we gathered to watch the final NCAA game. In total there ended up being 10 of us there, and that included the two owners. A couple of people ended up pulling the couch out from the sitting area and placing it in front of the big screen TV. Then we scattered chairs around and sat back with popcorn, pretzels and beer. Too bad the game was not more eventful. It was still fun to hang out in a place where I can be relaxed and comfortable. I could write an entire page or half a novel about that – the being relaxed and comfortable part. Maybe later. In short it’s that I can be the me I am now, rather than who I have been. It’s sort of a reconstruction. Which is something I have been doing for years now, but somehow it feels like things have been thrown into overdrive lately. And it’s all good.

And then last night I went back to the establishment I am enjoying frequenting, to see the comedian, Vicky Shaw’s performance. I know I laughed for an hour and a half hardly having time to stop so as to get a breath in. Their plan (the owners) is to have more comedians on the schedule in the coming months. Something I am certainly looking forward to. By the way on the topic of performers, anyone recall Betty from the L word? Yep she is on the performance schedule in June.

And then the following week I am off to take a road trip….

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