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  1. I use the Canon Digital Rebel XT. This isn’t the newest Canon rebel, but I like it just fine.

    Also for indoor shots I use the canon 50mm lens. It isn’t an expensive lens by any means, but it does a good job for low light indoor shooting.

    What type of camera have you been using?

  2. I’m a novice who can only use a compact cam. Mine’s a Nikon 4100. Looking at another compact. Samsung NV10, Fujifilm F30/F31/Z3/Z5 and some Olympus models. Any take on these?

  3. Before I picked up the Canon digital rebel, I used a compact Kodak camera. I liked the ease of use and the LCD viewer with the Kodak camera.

    I briefly looked at reviews for the cameras you mentioned and from what I saw it looks like Samsung is a good camera.

    I think the Fuji is a little smaller – not sure if you want a real small camera or not. The small ones certainly make portability very easy.

    Not sure if I have helped you at all …

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