Hunting wabbits

Little to say these days. Perhaps I have gone into hibernation but forgot somehow to tell myself? Does one think ahead about going into hibernation, or is it like waking up with a book pressed against your cheek and the words written in ink across your forehead, after somehow falling asleep while reading in bed?

Reading a lot. I am magazine addicted. My addiction is on overload.

Still increasing my speed on my runs. It is a slow process at best. But a process to say the least.

Going away party tomorrow night for a friend whom is moving to Nashville.

It’s almost Friday.

The weather is teasing us with temperatures in the 50’s for next week. And I am so glad we did not get swept away by snowdrifts, heck we hardly even had snow flurries.

Ahh life is good isn’t it.

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  1. Life is indeed good. I’m thankful I’m able to wake up every day.

    Yes, if only I could, I would go into hiberbation.

    I’m envious of you. You could read and run. Yes, your processes are moving. Mine’s not.

    The weather’s gone nuts. You with the snow, mine with the floods.

    Still, I’m thankful we are alive enough to write.


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