I never mentioned how great The Katie Reider band was when was that, last weekend? Or how after their 2 hour show I tossed myself into the drivers seat and made it into the next bar for the last hour of the Blue Umbrellas show. Nor did I mention how unbelievably packed to the doors and blacked out windows that particular bar was. Positively asses to elbows all about the place women and more women everywhere. A fact which is becoming more a rule than an exception when it comes to a Blue Umbrellas show.

The bar or venue where The Katie Reider band played, is more of an open sort of place in layout terms. Sometimes it reminds me of a friends basement sort of thing if their basement was quite of the large variety. One of the best things about the place, is the sitting area right across from the bar, complete with books lined for the borrowing stacked on bookshelves and an ever warming gas fireplace at the end of one of the couches. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention the fitting  ping pong table amid the pool tables. See? Just like a friends basement.

Our weather has become more normal I suppose. Today there were fits of blowing snow flurries almost making it to the frozen ground. But, I think like most of us, the flurries found the 19 degrees accompanied by an underwear searing type of wind a bit to frigid so they didn’t stay around.

Remember run with it. Even if only in your minds eye.

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